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Who we are ?

We are India distributors for the most exhaustive range of products that helps minimise/eliminate hand injuries in the workplace. Our focus is on the offshore and onshore drilling rigs and oil and gas industry where a huge amount of lifts are performed. It’s a very challenging environment due to rig movements, confined areas, wind effects, etc. We stock Impact Protection Gloves ‐ KONG™, Mechanix®, HexArmor®, Ringers, Superior Gloves, MCR; hands‐off tools PSC Fingersaver, PSC Shove‐it, PSC Alpenco,PSC LoadGuider and PSC SafeGuider Taglines, PSC Ergonomix, PSC LoadGuider Hands-Off Push/Pull Tools and more in India. Unlike other safety suppliers, our efforts is focussed on improving hand safety in workplaces.

What is Hands-Free Lifting ?

Personnel not touching a suspended load (with any part of the body) that is connected to a mechanical lifting device is Hands‐free lifting. That is any load that is being lifted or before the load is properly set down and all potential energy is released.

Why hands-free lifting ?

Hands injury represent over 50% of all injuries in the workplace. Many injuries can be minimised if not eliminated with the use of the safer methods of handling suspended loads and use safer lifting apparatus, work practices and tools. The objective of hands‐free lifting is to eliminate hand and finger injuries by removing them from the energy source – and avoid all caught between, struck‐by and struck‐against incidents. Hands and fingers represent a tool that enables you to do wonderful things with them, and unfortunately there are no spare parts for these if you damage them.

Evolution of Hands-Free Lifting

2008 – Transocean in Gulf of Mexico
2009‐10 – Adopted by Songa, Atwood and Diamond in Australia
2011 – Adopted by Stena Drilling, Santos and others including Noble Drilling
2014 – PSC brings in several innovative hands‐free lifting tools and devices to India market
2014‐15 – Now part of progressive and safety oriented oilfield companies in India including Schlumberger, Halliburton, Vantage, Transocean and others

2016 - Introduction of the new PSC LoadGuider Polyex Taglines and Push/Pull Poles and PSC SafeGuider HiViz Taglines

How can we help you ?

Since 2008, Project Sales Corp has focussed its effort in bringing in products that can help minimise if not eliminate hand injuries in the oil and gas industry. Starting with KONG Original Impact Protection Glove in 2008, it has expanded its product portfolio to deliver the most exhaustive range of impact protection gloves, chemical handling gloves, hands‐off tools like Fingersaver and Chisel and Punch Holders, Tangle Free Dynex Taglines, Shove‐it Push/Pull Poles, Tagline Retriever Tools, Alpenco Safety Guiders, Ergonomix Hand Free Lifting Aids, and more. Today we service several dozen oilfield companies across India delivering products and solutions just‐in‐time from our inventory of hand‐free lifting products, hands‐off tools and impact protection gloves. We sell direct and through several channel partners focussed on the oil and gas industry. Chose us as your preferred supplier in your hand safety programs an we will partner you in your efforts to mitigate risks and eliminate hand injuries. Love your hands, we do !

Product portfolio

Before we take you through the Project Sales Corp product range of hands-free and hands‐off tools it’s important to note that these products are to be used as a defence against hand injuries. Prior to use of the products please study ways to identify all possible hazards that can cause hand injuries and follow a hierarchy of control to remove the potential hazard –
• Eliminate the hazard
• Substitute or Replace the process with a less hazardous one
• Redesign the equipment, work or process

When this controls are not practical and tasks must be performed, please see the product range that can help minimise/if not eliminate hand injuries in the
workplace – with focus on hands‐free lifting and guiding suspended loads and hands‐off tools that help keep hand away from impact zones.

Never touch a suspended load with any part of your body


The most important tool that money can’t buy from Project Sales Corp is the Tool # 1 – The Correct Mindset. Accepting and letting go the natural reaction to go
close and hold the rigging in place until the tension is taken up to make sure the load is properly slung and balanced needs to be changed. Remember the most
hazardous part of a lifting operation is lifting off and landing and its important  you are as far away from the load as possible.


Taglines are otherwise know as a guide line, guide rope, end line, strap lines or pay off lines depending on which part of the world you are in but the most common term for use of a piece of rope is "Tag line“. Tag lines or restraint lines must be used when rotation or swinging of the load is or may become hazardous or if the load needs guidance. In brief, loads requiring continuous manual guidance while in motion shall be provided with tag lines, and requires tag lines must be used “on loads likely to swing or which need guidance.”

When must Taglines be used

Taglines must be used whenever any of the following occur:
1.) The load suspended by the crane in a static (non moving) condition swings, or is likely to swing back and forth (due to wind or other external factors), creating a
control hazard. Not only for the crane operator and banks man, but a landing and placement hazard.
2.) The movement of the crane or boom causes, or is likely to cause the load to swing out of control, creating a hazardous condition.
3.) The load rotates, has rotated, or is likely to rotate in such a manner as to be out of control, creating a hazardous condition.

Tagline Materials – PP Ropes

Most commonly used material for a tagline is a polypropylene rope. However this has several disadvantages –
• They tend to wrap around objects
• They get caught in pinch points
• The bottoms fray and are then knotted to stop the fraying causing the line to catch
• They get slick when worn, wet or dirty with grease


While lifting a load, a PP rope tagline wrapped around the left leg of a worker. The crane operator lifted the load, pulling the worker up 15‐20 feet off the deck of the
work boat until the tagline broke. The worker landed on his back on top of a basket. He was transported to the hospital and was later released back to work (light duty).

PSC LoadGuider Tagline – For Hands Free Lifting Operations

Project Sales Corp introduced the PSC LoadGuider safety tangle free Taglines to solve the problems associated with the use of PP ropes. These taglines are specifically designed for the hands free lifting applications. PSC LoadGuiders are tangle resistant as the centre rope is wrapped with an outer layer of smaller diameter rope. This resists the tagline turning on itself and wrapping around objects or people. PSC Loadguider Taglines are designed not to catch on pinch points, as there are no knots or raised surfaces. These are made in Iceland in technical cooperation with a major drilling operator.


The PSC Loadguider anti-tangle tagline 

Stronger than steel, light as a feather

Now guiding a suspended load is easier, safer and faster !
PSC LoadGuider Taglines are tangle resistant as it is designed with a rigid core and stiff cover braiding to prevent any turning on itself and wrapping around objects. The patented Helix spiral effect increases grip in wet and slippery conditions. The PSC LoadGuider Safety taglines are designed not to catch on pinch points, as there are no knots or areas to snag. Inside the Helix cover is Polyex fibres giving them exceptional strength make it very lightweight for operator handling.
A twist lock carabineer 50 mm gate opening as per ANSI Z359.12 can now be purchased for use with the PSC LoadGuider Taglines or may be included free of cost depending on order pricing.

PSC Loadguider Taglines
Key features –
• Made from Polyex 12 mm with 6 mm core (18 mm) Synthetic Rope Offering Remarkable Strength and Light Weight
• Weaved Over Braided Cover to Prevent Abrasion
• High visibility yellow color and colour coded Eyes for various lengths 
• Helix spiral enhances grip even in wet conditions
• Dirt repellent cover and taglines can be washed if needed
• Tangle Resistant
• Available in various lengths 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 45 feet
• Can outlast PP, Manila and other fibre ropes by several times


PSC Safe-Guider™ High-Viz Taglines are specially designed to be a safe alternative to ineffective and hazardous rope when guiding a suspended load. When a crane lifts an object, it can swing into objects around it, into power lines or, by swinging,create hazards to personnel on the ground. PSC SafeGuider™ High-Viz Taglines, attached to the load, allow ground personnel to pivot the load as it swings on the crane’s hook, so that it doesn't collide with objects around it. Using PSC Safe-Guider™ High-Viz taglines can eliminate potential hand injuries and unnecessary delays created by out-of-control loads during lifting and moving. Available in 10', 15', 20', 25', 30', 40' lengths,the PSC Safe-Guider™ HighViz taglines are tangle resistant and knot free and feature a high visibility coating to repel corrosive material and be seen in low light situations. They always retain their shape and are easily rolled up for storage

A safer way to retrieve taglines

PSC TRT Range – a range of tools designed to safely retrieve taglines without a load handler having to go too close to a suspended load.


PSC Tagline Retriever Tool is designed to help facilitate ‘hands‐free’ lifting and improve safety In handling taglines. The tool is a modified aluminium telescopic boat hook with a rubber buffer at the other end. The hook end is used at full extension (approximately 2.1m / 7ft) to retrieve taglines hanging vertically without a load handler having to go too close to a suspended load. The rubber buffer is used to push against suspended loads to guide them, especially when landing loads in tight or congested spaces. Once again, this allows the operator to remain a safe distance from the load until it has landed. The poles would normally be fully retracted (for rigidity) during this type of use where their length is 1.2m / 4ft. However, they can be used half‐extended if required but if too much pressure is applied, they will telescope in. Available with a conformity certificate.


The PSC Alpenco tool is a simple to use Tagline Retriever with a C metallic Head on a Wooden Pole for safe retrieving of taglines and not putting the hands or body in the line of fire. This tool can be provided free of cost when you buy 5 taglines or more

Push/Pull Poles – What are these ?

Push pull poles aid in "Hands Free" Guiding, spotting and landing suspended loads, maneuvering drill pipe and all types of tubular on pipe racks or on the platform, snagging taglines and sling legs, etc.  Push pull poles provide a safety zone to personnel to manoeuvre and guide suspended loads while avoiding pinch points and crush points. With these use of these tools workers do not place themselves in danger by working in an unsafe proximity to hazardous suspended loads. These are made out of hardwood, aluminium or fibreglass with variations with heads made out of rubber, nylon, aluminium, etc. 

® ™ Brand names are registered trademarks of their respective owners and are use for reference purposes.

The PSC Alpenco Saf-T-Guider® Tool –

PSC Alpenco Saf‐T‐Guider – These lightweight tools are used for the hands‐free guiding and directing of heavy crane and fork lift loads. The head has a serrated ‘S’
design aluminium tool that works on hooking principle on one end and a reverse hook on the opposite end, which allows the tool to be used in both push and pull
applications. In the other version, a ‘C’ head (inset, first picture) to help with the manoeuvring of slung loads. A dielectric hardwood makes the product safe to use.
The sand dipped finish in the grip area allows for better grip while working with these tools. Available in various lengths – 2, 3, 4, 6 & 8 Feet Lengths

PSC LoadGuider Hand Safety Tool

India’s leading Hand Safety Specialist Company, Project Sales Corp introduces the new PSC LoadGuider™ Hands-Off Safety Tool - a robust fiberglass push/pull pole fitted with a nylon head to safely manoeuvre loads at all times, by keeping hands-off from a potential pinch and crush injury zone.


The PSC LoadGuider™ Tool allows a user to maintain a safe distance from the load at all times, thereby mitigating any risk of pinching or crushing the hand and feet while handling suspended loads or manoeuvring loads in tight positions until the load is in its final placement/resting position. The tool is simple to handle and allows user to keep weights, loads, containers at a distance (push) or pull the load towards them. Extremely lightweight, weighing just over 900 grams and 50” long, equipped with an ergonomic non-slip handle, the PSC LoadGuider™ Tool avoids unnecessary strain on the wrists during manoeuvring operations thus improving
hand safety.

How does the PSC LoadGuider™ Tool work - The V-shaped end of the pole makes it easy to push the load and is used to keep objects at a distance and guide the load, container or pallets to the desired position. The hook on the end of the pole makes it easy to pull the load and is used to steer the load with the aid of the ropes, cables, corner castings or posts attached to the load.

The PSC Shove-it™ Tool - Fiberglass push/Pull pole

Now avoid pinch and crush injuries with the new Non‐conductive (tested to 75kv/ft) PSC Shove‐It™ Hand Safety Tool PSC‐SHST‐42 and PSC‐SHST‐72 The new PSC Shove‐It™ Hand Safety Tool is non‐conductive and designed to help push against flat surfaces, corners or rounded edges of suspended loads, move pipe and tubular with the “V” shaped end and manoeuvre and grab slings and taglines with the opposing hooks. A rubber lining added to “V” to improves grip. Available in 42” and 72” lengths. The 42” version comes with a D shaped handle.

Brand names used are registered trademarks of their respective owners


Make a rule, no hammer without these tools

Project Sales Corp has the most complete range of tools that help keep hands away from impact zones during hammering operations or devices that allows workers to perform tasks like moving or lifting or small loads in a manner so as to avoid pinch and crush injuries.

The PSC Fingersaver keeps your hands away from the impact of the hammer on flogging spanner and from pinch points when using impact wrenches.


Available in Standard 350 mm, Long 900 mm and Compact


Lightweight I Affordable I Available in 3 sizes I Easy to operate I Peace of mind for self and co‐worker I Simple tool to keep hands away from impact zones I
Vibration absorbing Non‐slip Rubber Grip 


PSC Thumbsaver Chisel and Punch Holder

PSC Thumbsaver Chisel and Punch Holder ‐
Ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable, firm grip while keeping the hands away from the contact point and avoid a hammer knock-off on thumbs while holding chisel and punch tools
• Tool holder's handle efficiently resists sparks and absorbs vibration
• Hassle‐free adjustments with the knob at base
• Accommodates chisels measuring up to 1" in diameter

PSC Lift Assist Manual Lifting Aids

A new range of PSC hands‐off policy tools (lift assist manual lifting aids) to reduce need for bending thereby improve ergonomics in workplace,
and reduce possible chances of hand & finger injuries associated with lifting and carrying the small equipment's with bare hands.

The manual lifting aids are used with chicksan and bop choke valves, pup joints, fishing tools, pipe, tubing, deck cargo, etc.
Ordering codes
• PSC Lift Assist Single Handle Safe Lift Ergonomix sling 75 kgs WLL, 50 mm x 900 mm long – PSC‐SH‐100
• PSC Lift Assist Double Handle Safe Lift Ergonomix sling 100 kgs WLL, 50 mm x 1500 mm long‐ PSC‐DH‐100
• PSC Lift Assist Choke Valve Safe Lift Ergonomix sling 50 kgs WLL 25 mm width ‐PSC‐CV‐100

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